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by Leo Robert - Wednesday, 20 October 2021, 8:43 AM
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To write an essay, it is very important to follow a proper format. If you do not format an essay well, then no matter how well the content is, the essay won’t stand out or get you good grades. 


Do you know why those essays from a top essay writing service look so impressive? 


It is all in the format!


A well-formatted essay is easy to read and presents information clearly. It makes the essay into a well-structured piece of writing. 


Here is a detailed explanation of the write my paper format that you can read to know how you can format your essay well. 


Essay Writing Format 


The standard essay writing format consists of 5 paragraphs. Almost all types of essays can be done through it. These 5 paragraphs include:


  • 1 Introduction Paragraph
  • 3 Body Paragraphs
  • 1 Conclusion Paragraph


Here is how you can create a well-formatted essay:



  • Create a Thesis Statement



The thesis statement is the main crux of your essay. It includes the main argument of the essay or the focal point being discussed in the essay. The thesis statement has 3 main parts, the what, the why, and the how of the essay topic. 


A thesis statement is about two to three lines and is written at the end of the introduction paragraph. 



  • Draft an Outline



You need to create a detailed outline to format your essay. The outline provides an overview of your essay in a point-wise description. It starts from the introduction paragraph and ends at the conclusion paragraph. 


The key point that is going to be discussed in each body paragraph is also written in the outline prior to writing the essay. 



  • Write the Introduction



The introduction is the first paragraph of the essay. Your introduction should introduce the topic properly. Following are the main parts of an introductory paragraph:


  • Attention Grabber: A good attention grabber that fits the context of your essay and effectively hooks the reader to your essay. 


  • Topic Background: The background or necessary description of the topic. It may include a brief history of the topic or the necessary terms that need to be defined. 


  • Thesis Statement: Finally, the introduction paragraph ends with the thesis statement. 



  • Write the Body of the Essay



This is the most lengthy and time-consuming section of the essay. All that you want to write, you will write in the body of the essay. Your arguments, evidence, information, etc., everything is covered in the body. 


To make it easy, you can follow the outline which you drafted earlier. You just need to expand each point that you wrote in the outline, here in the essay, in the form of paragraphs. 


However, it is important to keep the structure of the paragraphs intact. A well-structured paper writing service paragraph has the following information:


  • Topic Sentence: It is the sentence that tells the reader what you are going to discuss in this particular paragraph. 


  • Supporting Sentence: These are one or two sentences that elaborate on the topic sentence. 


  • Evidence or Example: After writing your argument, you need to provide suitable evidence or example to clarify and substantiate the argument. 


  • Concluding Sentence: It is the last sentence of the paragraph that summarizes the whole paragraph and links it to the next paragraph. This is necessary to maintain cohesion in the essay. 



  • Write the Conclusion



Finally, you need to write the conclusion of the essay, which is the last paragraph of the essay. A good essay writer conclusion inspires the reader and justifies the purpose of writing the essay. 


Here are some necessary details that you should include in an essay:


  • Reiterated thesis statement: You need to rewrite the main point of your essay to remind the reader what the essay was whole about. 


  • Summary of the body paragraph: Then, you should summarize all the body paragraphs in a few lines. 



  • Concluding Remarks or Future Scope: You can finally end the conclusion paragraph by giving some concluding remarks about the topic or calling the audience to perform an action in the future regarding the topic. 



This is how you can format an essay properly to create a high-scoring essay. Make sure to follow these guidelines and practice them often so that it becomes easier for you.  Furthermore, you can also contact a “Write my essay” service to write a well-formatted essay for you. 

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